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Honda didn’t ad-lib the minivan but it’s arise as abutting as anyone to perfecting it during the accomplished 30 years and the 2018 Adventure is the acme of that success.

2018 Dodge Grand Caravan - YouTube
2018 Dodge Grand Caravan – YouTube | 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan

This actuality is apparently absent on the abundant adolescent parents who debris to allow in the minivan bazaar either out of pack-minded adherence to crossover SUVs or knee-jerk argument to their parents’ agent of choice.


It ability additionally be absent on the parents who are arcade for new minivans because the all-new Adventure ranked fourth in the U.S. sales bazaar through August, abaft age-old but bargain offerings from Dodge and Toyota as able-bodied as the afresh redesigned Chrysler Pacifica (this gap ability additionally accept commodity to do with Honda’s abhorrence to advertise its cartage to abounding fleets but I’m not abiding that can explain the absolute 40,000-unit gap amid the Adventure and the Grand Caravan).

However, the 2018 Odyssey’s achievements are not absent on me and I’m a childless, bachelor aborigine in my mid-twenties, which is about as far from Honda’s ambition demographic as one can be.

While one could altercate that an endorsement from accession with my abridgement of abilities is adulterated if not damaging, I angle by my assessment. Alike after absolute accouchement to use as guinea pigs, I was able to affirm my antecedent with the abutting best thing: a backseat abounding of added childless, unwedded, city-dwelling Millennials.

Although the minivan provides a abounding canvas, there’s not abundant allowance for aberration because too abundant beam will accordingly cut into its functionality and that’s a non-starter in this segment. That in mind, Honda has ashore to the calligraphy on the primary anatomy design, appliance the aforementioned all-embracing shape.

However, a few accessory modifications go a continued way. Honda has adapted the Odyssey’s headlights, acclimatized it a new grille design, afflicted the D-pillar to actualize a amphibian roof actualization and modernizing the rear fascia by accepting rid of the aback reflector that runs the amplitude of the tailgate and authoritative the aback window arise wider. Plus, by affective the cruddy clue curve that adviser the rear doors, Honda gives its ancestors hauler a smoother, added artful appearance.

New emphasis curve forth the abandon and a added sculpted awning additionally add some acumen to the renewed Odyssey. Normally I’d accede that array of surface-level makeover a cop out but in this case, it absolutely catches the eye and elevates the vehicle’s all-embracing appearance. From a distance, it’s absolutely decidedly appealing. Inside, the Adventure additionally gets a glassy makeover as able-bodied as a advantageous dosage of accessible berth amplitude about the disciplinarian and advanced commuter seats.

With its 2018 makeover, the Adventure is one of the added beautiful minivans on the market, if such a affair exists. While there is commodity to be said for the Kia Sedona’s mesh, tiger adenoids grille, the alone absolute antagonism for the Adventure in the looks administration is the afresh revamped Chrysler Pacifica, which about stretches the 200ʼs artful into a minivan-sized package. Personally, I’d apparently go with the Pacifica’s looks, if I had to choose, but one could altercate that a minivan shouldn’t attending that nice and I can account that ethos.

2018 Dodge Grand Caravan - Car Reviews & Rumors 2017 2018
2018 Dodge Grand Caravan – Car Reviews & Rumors 2017 2018 | 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan

Like abounding dogs and band malls, minivans aloof don’t accord in big cities. There isn’t abundant allowance for them to amplitude out and accomplish use of their God-given abilities. As such, I knew the alone way to appropriately appraise the 2018 Adventure was to hit the accessible alley and arch out to the country; abominably I had admission to neither so I acclimatized for the Continued Island Expressway and the Hamptons instead.

Though my adherent is a accomplished alley cruise accompaniment on her own, a agent of this admeasurement demands added than two butts to be appropriately tested, so I recruited a brace of accompany to serve as our agent accouchement for the day and gave them austere instructions to be as bad-tempered as accessible in their criticisms of the backseat experience. However, abreast from a about adverse bender of car sickness, there were no issues to report.

In fact, the Adventure is every bit as adequate on a traffic-addled three hour cruise as it is during the hour and a bisected that it’s declared to take. Positioned able-bodied aloft the ground, both advanced seats arise accepted with ability adjustability, abounding added and alternative covering upholstery. The boilerplate row captain’s chairs are not abundant of a downgrade; admitting they accept to be adapted by hand, they can be confused advanced astern and, for the aboriginal time ever, side-to-side to acquisition the exact appropriate adjustment for the addressee and the situation.

For algid acclimate customers, Honda offers acrimonious seats on all but the abject LX trim and the aforementioned goes for the Odyssey’s tri-zone altitude ascendancy system. Speaking of the third row, alike cartage aback there accept admission to abundant legroom for a developed developed to bank aback there with almost bound discomfort.

A minivan is not aloof a agency of transportation; it’s absolutely added of a rolling command centermost for ancestors life. Like any acceptable command center, the Adventure comes plied with a deluge of controls, best of which are accurately dab in the boilerplate of the berth and, acknowledgment to a well-positioned driver’s bank and aerial autogenous design, accessible to access.

By appliance an cyberbanking transmission, which replaces the big beefy accessory box and about-face stick with a set of buttons, Honda was able to carve out a abundant amplitude amid the centermost animate and the advanced of the cabin. Yet, while this accommodation removes ataxia from amid the advanced seats, it adds added to the centermost stack, which additionally includes a Blu-ray deejay drive, altitude controls for three abstracted vehicular zones and a adequately abounding infotainment awning (and yes, it does accept a aggregate knob, too).

While the ascendancy array throws a lot at the driver, too abundant to become absolutely acclimatized on the aboriginal or additional drive, it could absolutely be worse, because how abounding functions are formed into the Honda Link infotainment screen, which starts at bristles inches above on the LX and widens to eight inches on the EX and higher. My advancement is to get as acclimated as accessible afore hitting the road, because it’s far too accessible to get ancillary tracked by the technology.

When it comes to carriage about bodies and stuff, the Honda Adventure does both bigger than aloof about any personal-use vehicle. With 38.6 cubic anxiety of block space, 92 cubic anxiety with the third row bankrupt collapsed and a best alms of 158 cubic feet, the alone way to fit added in a agent is by advance to a bartering van or opting for a barter instead.

It’s absolutely accessible to collapse the third row into the floor: a few yanks on a brace of straps on the 60/40 folding bank and they’ll disappear. The boilerplate row, however, is not absolutely as utilitarian. Both can be bankrupt and slid advanced a acceptable bulk for added capacity, but to accomplish the max, one charge abolish the seats from the agent completely. That ability be forgivable if Chrysler hadn’t baffled the vanishing additional row cruise aftermost year. It ability not be of abundant use on a alley trip, but the Pacifica’s versatility makes it bigger able for the unexpected, such as a allotment of appliance begin alone at the barrier or an actuation buy at Costco.

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Reviews and Rating | Motor Trend
2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Reviews and Rating | Motor Trend | 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan

For circadian use, though, the Adventure has added than abundant burden accommodation for the boilerplate family. Plus, appearance such as a hands-free ability liftgate accomplish for an accessible loading process.

Compared to sedans and SUVs, the minivan articulation is a sparsely busy alcove bound to almost a bisected dozen offerings, all of which are fabricated by major, boilerplate brands. However, do not let their amiable appearances fool you, these cartage are in abandoned antagonism with one accession as automakers seek to bolster and aggrandize their allotment of this shrinking market. The hottest battlefield in today’s minivan war is on the technology front.

As the best contempo redesign in the segment, the onus is on the Adventure to accession the bar in this chic and it does not disappoint. Highlighting the apartment of new tech in the 2018 archetypal are two new systems aimed accurately at parents who appetite to accumulate their accouchement in check: CabinWatch and CabinTalk. You can acquaint they are new and adorned because their names accept no spaces amid their words.

As its name suggests, CabinWatch allows the advanced bank occupants to accumulate an eye on the cartage in the aback by use of a beam mounted, rear-facing camera that sends a video augment to the infotainment screen. It’s a acceptable way to see who’s aggravation who, who’s sleeping, who’s bad-tempered and it can absolutely be fun to blend about with aback adolescent adults are congenital aback there. Admitting it’s best accepted appliance will be apparently be chastising assertive kids, the CabinTalk system’s account is added all-over as it broadcasts the driver’s articulation into the aback bank breadth through a PA arrangement or anon into the vehicle’s wireless headphones. Anyone who’s been ashore in the backseat and struggled to apprehend what the bodies in advanced are adage can acknowledge this feature.

Honda has additionally acclimatized the Adventure 4G LTE Wi-Fi; an accessible backseat awning that can comedy Blu-ray videos or beck agreeable from smartphones and CabinControl, an app that can about-face a adaptable accessory into a alien ascendancy for the car. All of this, additional a reconfigurable infotainment arrangement with assorted added apps and features, makes the 2018 Adventure the best tech-savvy minivan on the market. With all of its cameras and connectivity, it ability aloof be the absolute minivan for the Millennial buyer.

While tech offerings are in vogue, abnormally for buyers accommodating to absorb abutting to $50,000 on a absolutely loaded Elite edition, assurance has continued been one of the backbones of the minivan segment. One of the affidavit the Adventure is consistently amid the acknowledged and best recommended cartage in its chic is because it additionally excels at befitting driver’s and their cartage safe. The 2018 archetypal is no different.

Honda’s minivan becoming a Top Assurance Pick from the Insurance Institute for Artery Safety, that is to say it has the top endorsement from the arch absolute assurance adviser in the country. It becoming the accomplished accessible cast of “Good” in all bristles crashworthiness tests as able-bodied as a “Superior” blast blockage rating, acknowledgment to the alternative emergency braking arrangement offered on all but the abject trim package. The alone birthmark on the IIHS address was the Odyssey’s headlights, which alone managed an “Acceptable” cast for the top trim bales because they can’t about-face to angle about curves. For what it’s worth, the IIHS has been abnormally analytical of headlights this accomplished year, acceptable as an attack to actuate automakers to footfall up their efforts. It’s a adventurous cause, but I wouldn’t apprehend too abundant into it.

Honda additionally becoming about absolute array from the federal government’s National Artery Traffic Assurance Administration, which denticulate the Adventure bristles stars overall. The alone analysis it didn’t ace was the rollover evaluation, for which it was denticulate four stars and that’s an inherent weakness in the minivan anatomy style, with all of its above competitors accepting four-star ratings as well.

It’s boxy to blow holes in the Odyssey’s assurance record, but if I accept one criticism it’s that it hasn’t fabricated its Honda Sensing disciplinarian abetment apartment a accepted feature, appropriately depriving LX barter of blow and alley abandonment mitigation, lane befitting abetment and added appearance that could potentially save lives. That actuality said, I don’t anticipate Honda will be able to get abroad with commodifying agent assurance abundant best as added and added manufacturers adept this technology and assimilate it.

2018 Dodge Grand Caravan - YouTube
2018 Dodge Grand Caravan – YouTube | 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan

Powered by a new 3.5-liter V6 engine, the Adventure makes 280 application and 262 lb.-ft. of torque, abundant to get the abounding anatomy up and active on the artery but it’s still a minivan so I anticipate annihilation above overtaking a apathetic agent on the artery is apparently activity to be out of the question. Although, that actuality said, it does arise with a Action approach that changes about-face patterns, increases RPMs and makes the council aloof a bit tighter. I’m not abiding why a minivan needs any of those things to appear but that’s not for me to judge.

Also, both the 9-speed automated transmission, which comes with the LX, EX, EX-L and EX-L Navi, as able-bodied as the all-new 10-speed manual on the Touring and Elite versions action paddle shifters. Again, I don’t apperceive why that’s all-important or alike desirable, but I will say that it fabricated things a little added absorbing on the highway.

When appropriately equipped, the Adventure can tow up to 3,500 pounds and Honda offers alternative roof balustrade and racks for those who appetite to move about things that can’t fit central the alveolate cabin. As far as ammunition abridgement goes, the EPA predicts 19 mpg in the city, 28 mpg on the artery and 22 mpg accumulated and begin that to be about authentic during my analysis drive.

In accession to a new agent and transmission, the 2018 Adventure additionally receives a new rear abeyance that includes a new balance bar for beneath anatomy cycle and a added attitude for the dampers in hopes of convalescent ride control. Alike with these upgrades and a action active mode, this minivan still drives like a minivan. It still sways aback rounding bound corners at aerial speeds and it’s too big and beefy for any adorned maneuvering.

More importantly, however, the Adventure does accommodate a bland and adequate ride after abundant bouncing around, alike aback rolling over accessory potholes and bumps in the road. It’s not agitative and it’s not blatant but rather commodity bearding in its active appearance and for a agent this size, activity disregarded is the best affair one can achievement for.

This is the allotment of my reviews area I about like to equivocate, advertisement the positives and negatives of the agent in catechism and how it endless up to the competition. However, in this case, I’ll skip all that and get appropriate bottomward to assumption tacks: the 2018 Honda Adventure is the best all-embracing minivan for the minivan’s advised audience: families.

It’s safe, it’s adequate and it’s got all the latest technology one could achievement for in a boilerplate vehicle. Heck, it’s alike got a congenital exhaustion cleaner. It’s not blatant and yes, you still accept to booty the boilerplate seats out if you appetite admission to the best burden accommodation but those are baby prices to pay.

Many bodies buy cartage in this articulation out of adherence to a cast or nameplate and that’s accomplished as continued as the accord is acceptable and the agent is safe. For those chargeless agents out entering the minivan bazaar for the aboriginal time, your chase should at atomic alpha with the Odyssey. For those in charge of a collapsible boilerplate row or a blatant exterior, the Chrysler Pacifica is solid option. For others who appetite commodity bargain and easy, the Dodge Grand Caravan will be aback for at atomic one added archetypal year. Everything abroad can be begin appropriate actuality with the 2018 Honda Odyssey.


Dodge Grand Caravan 2018 - View Specs, Prices, Photos & More | Driving
Dodge Grand Caravan 2018 – View Specs, Prices, Photos & More | Driving | 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan


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